My purpose is to maximize aspects of life.

And to use contrast and feedback to do it.

To take my lived experiences as a responsibility that serve to share insights including those that may oppose or be in contrast. It is my hope that insights may encourage individual thinking, and at the well share new learning and new considerations.

How might we shift from taking a stand about something we believe to shifting our mind and openness to gaining insight about someone else’s position?  At the core of my purpose is to reduce our comfort with ‘confirmation bias’ – to be more open and to expect understanding.

Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that affirms one’s prior beliefs or hypotheses. [We] display this bias when [we] gather or remember information selectively, or when [we] interpret it in a biased way.

Each individual’s life is based on experiences, knowledge, and perceptions. So my hope is you are able find continuum within a topic and reconcile where others believe, even from another part of the continuum. That we go beyond our perceptions and consider others’ perceptions. That we put ourselves in others mindset or experiences. That we put ourselves in other ‘shoes.’

I am also compelled to share my experiences with CBD + DOGS….my own FITNESS journey…. and my years as a consultant in ENGAGEMENT, organizational development and ESSENTIAL leadership.


Kenzie & Merica showing me some love. 

Connect with Me

@maximizealot   Twitter is a great way to follow & interact with curious contrasts.

LinkedIn     Secondary to Twitter, I believe in this professional interaction forum.

Symbio Strategies    Where I ideate, consult and create impact when I’m not here.

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Sources of Insight for Me

  • Symbio Strategies, an Experience-focused consulting and research firm I founded.
  • International organization leaders with whom I have consulted and coached.
  • Sustainability centered students who took my Strategy in Business course at Presidio.
  • Research about humans in orgs: nurses sense of purpose & human capital as assets.
  • Start-up focus – Intergenerational aspects of working together (then we pivoted.)
  • Start-up focus – Well-being in the workplace (then we pivoted, again.)
  • Losing my mother in 2006, an RN & Director, was victim of surgical error.
  • Growing up in a rural community that afforded safety, well-being, agency and environmental stewardship. while also limiting my world view.
  • Reading via the web, actual books and audible. (see my favorites below)
  • My Millennial business partner who has a global mindset and who advocates for the individual.
  • My dogs, horses and our cat who constantly remind me to be present.
  • My husband and our many years in building a life together and the years ahead.

Insights from Reading Others’ Works

AEON     for ideas, bold thinking, deep thinking.

Stratechery    for the intersection of strategy in the tech world.

HBR (Harvard Business Review)     for business and strategy focused research and ideas (so I know what the business leaders are reading.)

Our World in Data   for validation from data about almost anything you can think about.

The World is Flat, T. Friedman     a short history of technology, globalization, climate change.

Big Magic, E. Gilbert     every idea needs to find a home, what ideas will you give a home?

Behavioral Economics     from this well researched source and as a topic across sources.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, M. Manson     for so clearly challenging focus on the right things.

(and many more I will add as I go)