With yelps of anticipation, we approach the park.

The one for canines. And with a beach.

Morning duties are the first order of business. It’s ‘my’ park this morning. Too early, too cold for the ‘General Joe’! However, we hear barks in the distance. Just off the coast.


Never mind that water-based dog. Let’s get this frisbee swimming business started!

The Sounder trundles by carrying our other human family member to his city. Wonder if he sees us playing? Wonder if he sees the sea dogs?


It is peaceful again. The waves, the water barks, the land barks demanding the next toss. The snowy covered mountains. The sun rising from the normal spot.


Crisp. Small. Wet. Life. Breath.

After necessary dry-fit (fast) purchases @rei, creative packing, arranging animal care, we uber ’d to SEATAC through some of the worst Seattle traffic in months. We are outbound to our first stop. London. I’ve never been. Amidst a bit of work, we’ll mostly holiday. Looking forward to in flight libations!

After a bit of work, we’ll visit Keerat’s brother at his England writing school and then we will meet his folks to begin our experience walking El Camino.