Simplicity in a World of Complexity

In Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia, are multitudes of reminders of the power of nature. Travertine dams, 16 natural turquoise-colored lakes, hundreds of plants with flowers, various animals and birds, dozens of waterfalls and yet humans have inhabited this area for thousands of years. The most notable in recent history being Marshal Tito, former Yugoslavia communist ruler whose home remains in the midst of the fauna. Even prior to becoming a national park in 1949, it appears that this area has been one of preservation. Even today, it’s access is a narrow split log walkway without rails bordering various lakes, waterfalls and forest. It was clear such a park could likely not exist with this access in the U.S. due to proven risk associated with lawsuits due to idiotic tourists or accidents as part of choices to go into such areas and ‘experience’ and appreciate the specialness. So one might surmise that in the U.S. the areas that intrigue us most also become the areas that we punish. Thank you to Eastern Europe, specifically Croatia, for trusting and for allowing us to encounter the Earth according to it’s rules, instead of ours.

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