One Year Wonder

A view into our electronic photo albums would tell you how special our Mowgli is. His big sister Leela is his best friend on the earth, and he is hers.

Diva the grey cat, is likely a close second (to them both) but don’t let that secret out to the dogs of India!

He certainly has the energy of a Manchester Terrier and runs with the sleek navigation of a Whippet with the most expressive Basenji-like tail. We’re confident that he certainly redefines “mutt” and the part we appreciate the most is his intelligence, balance and versatility.

accomplishments in 2009 include:
  • sit, stay, come,
  • eating only his food out of his dish and waiting for Leela to finish hers,
  • hide and seek to find one of us somewhere in the house,
  • carrying a backpack as if he has a significant assignment,
  • sit and come whilst walking by a cooking and waiting until permission is granted,
  • learning to catch a Frisbeeflying thru the air.
His sense of guilt if he’s happened to lick the cats dish clean, is so obvious he can’t resist just confessing by flattening his ears to his head and laying on his back in full submission. Every day and Leela bring us more joy than we could have imagined.

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