Summer Socialization

More than almost any dog in the past, our Mowgli is very astute about the nonverbal cues around him. With us, his family of two humans, a German Shepherd and two domestic short-hair cats, he is the most affectionate boy. Greetings and kisses are required before morning walks and before meals. Whereas the Shepherd, Leela, is most concerned about how quickly she can locate her frisbee during play time or her food during mealtime, he must say a proper 2-3 minute hello.
This same dog however, has zero tolerance for strangers on “his” property and zero interest in getting to know them. You could qualify him as antisocial. While he’ll warm up (slowly) to kids and eventually women, he really doesn’t prefer the male human at all. Having been put in his two-month quarantine at two weeks old, we are sure if this bit of time on earth is the cause for his disdain of the human race, or the many generations before him who were not only not socialized with and by humans but were treated as street rats.This Summer has proven to be socialization like none he has had. We kicked off the summer in June with a road trip. Just he and Steph headed to western Nebraska for a seven-day visit to her Dad’s. This was the first time he had been apart from his big sister, Leela. He actually was a better dog during this adventure. While he was a little scared, he actually was a little more curious and a little less aggressive with his fears and trusted Steph’s commands and reassurance and grew to quite like Steph’s Aunt Arlene.Meanwhile, back home in Iowa, Leela worried herself sick and to the point of colitis. Needless to say, a trip to the vet, fasting and many meds later, Keerat had little relax and free time while the anti-social canine was running like a crazy man at the vast expanse of Clyde’s Ranch. This month, we had three separate visits of three families of friends, for a total of 8 kids between the ages of 3 and 11; two sets who stayed over night and another who came for lunch. While we got smarter about our shuffling of people, canines and cats, we do believe that our Mowgli slowly started to accept that we can have visitors come to our home. It is quite embarrassing that the hair on the back of his neck raises and his bark is backed by a growl, with every curious human. We thank Leela for the balance she brings via her great love for people and especially kids!

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