Life Change

Mule deer. On the hill near my childhood ranch home.

As I reflect on the past few months, the events, responsibilities, associations and experiences are nearly solely about change. Significant change.

A move to a new city from our acreage home. A change of job for both my husband and I. A new home with new places to eat, exercise, celebrate and enjoy our dogs. New noises. New views. New creatures of the earth.

Additionally, the chapter at my childhood home at Meadow View Ranch ended in 2010. My intuitive Mother, during her dying days exactly four years ago, prepped my Father for this inevitable move to town. He will miss his big sandhill keeping him safe, his “pet” pheasants, the many mule deer who wandered through, but mostly he’ll miss his cows. However, his sprightly energy will sustain his excavation business and his old car renovation hobby.

The symbol for this period of time is Mr. Lewis, the stallion. He represents the last one to leave the ranch and through the process of building trust with him, represents that we all have fears about what the future holds. As Dad’s gift to me, he will join us in Seattle in the Spring.

Finally ,it’s not a coincidence that one of my main connections with colleagues has been centered around Change Consulting; more specifically, how to create leadership-driven systems of change. Where change is acknowledged not as an event but as milestones on the journey where all participate in the process. Its the participation in the process, that allows the soul to come along and help guide the future.

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