2011 – Integrating Life’s Transitions

  • learning via intensive 19-month masters of international business- thunderbird school of global management
  • relax (and study) during 6-week hiatus – time with dad, horse and childhood hometown
  • depart company of many careers
  • relocate from iowa to washington with 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses
  • engage into community-focused organizations
  • receive blessing of selling home with acreage
  • initiate networking with community, business and social
  • establish Lead The Difference
  • celebrate husband on masters in computer science
  • conduct consulting on physician access, engagement and leadership
  • experience european democracy in prague czech republic with thunderbird
  • attend sustainability and social responsibility conferences & learning events
  • advance understanding, application and learning of natural horsemanship training
  • navigate network for potential corporate position in sustainability-minded global organization
  • ideate with friends to build potential business opportunities
  • experience latin american democracy in sao paulo brazil with thunderbird
  • new foal is born october 25 – dhann, which means blessed in punjabi
  • opportunity green conference, los angeles
  • progressing through start-up consulting and training company

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