2012 – Reflection & Rebuilding

  • Jan     Perspective – the courage of friend who beat cancer
  • Feb     Public Transport – gas prices climb to national highs
  • Mar     Mother Nature – Arabian Sea rip currents, Goa, India
  • Apr     Memories – RIP Bandoo the cat & Missy the horse
  • Apr     Old Dogs, New Tricks – complete Thunderbird MBA
  • May    Partnership – launch Lead The Difference with fellow T’bird
  • Jun     Family – Bikram, Grandma Hale, Northey’s, Ostrander’s, Lefler’s
  • Jun     Mother Earth – Yellowstone, Teton’s, Black Hills
  • Jul      Family -CK & Uppi visit from Bengaluru
  • Jul      Time – Local Not-for-profit leadership
  • Aug    Global Mindset – Zaid, Iraqi exchange student
  • Sept    Health – CrossFit, TRX, BootCamp…Boxing wins the focus
  • Oct     Equine Energy – Dhann turns 1, Mr. Lewis learns to canter
  • Nov    Purpose – Privacy in Ads, Amazon (my sugardaddy!)
  • Dec    Acceptance – it rains here, get a hoodie!

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