Created by Water, Beauty & Distaster

January 5, 2015 | Taurus Daily Horoscope | Beauty for the Soul

You may experience an intense appreciation for beauty today. These feelings could drive you to seek beauty for beauty’s sake, or you may find that you are learning to recognize the inherent beauty found everywhere and in all things. You may discover that beauty has a particularly profound effect on your spirit and senses as you move through your day. 

The drive I take into the foothills of the Cascades to train my horses multiple times per week, is one of the more scenic in the Seattle area. The mountains and their balancing rivers are magnificent, humbling and hold differing types of beauty based on your proximity and place.

Yesterday’s horoscope was a safe generalization to appeal to a large global audience and certainly made me mindful about beauty. However, as I drove to the barn, I encountered water across the roadway. It had only risen further, near impassable, upon my return. I followed the slightly smaller Toyota for fear of being stuck on the other side. It was a horrific and historic day for many in the Norhtwest. Record rainfall created landslides burying homes and removing others from their foundations.

This area of magnificent beauty is moments and inches away from massive force and change on an almost daily basis. Every year there are stories of lives lost in the water within minutes of Seattle. Seasoned, Coast Guard caliber talent. It knows no skill level in these times of severe weather.

Water has always been an element of peace, calm and reassurance for me. It is a common factor in my dreams and and common component of my most treasured experiences. I learned to ‘swim’ before I could walk and was on water skis before I was a teen. It is a balancing and defining component of the geographical places I have hold most dear in my experiences. Sydney Australia. Cleveland Ohio USA. Glenwood Iowa USA. Seattle Washington USA.

As I consider this centering natural element and the recent destruction including those still missing in the Java Sea, I am reminded of our mortality and our smallness as creatures of a larger Earth and Universe. I am reminded about the daily and hourly strife faced by so many around the world.  It is water that defines our survival. It is the defining element of our search to sustain life in another world.

We should never take it for granted. We should not let it waste needlessly. (TIP: we save the water we run to get to hot water when cooking or cleaning.) We should support organizations like (they have rights to use my Twitter account for their tweets!)

We should appreciate the magnificent beauty that is water and the fine balance between this beauty and natural disaster. I hope you are more aware, reminded and will help create awareness in others. Don’t get a glass of water at a restaurant if you don’t plan to drink it. 

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