Kori & Chris

My friend Kori got married to her friend Chris on April 18th. She and Chris had the most unique wedding I have ever attended. Very centered on each other with a nice touch of celebratory experience for their family and friends. There was a time capsule, a luau, a whisky bar, and Hope wines, all on a rooftop in Los Angeles. We had our silhouettes cut as a keepsake (the couple of noses appreciates the celebration of what is!) It was a most special evening.

She is also my business partner. We have been trusted advisors, ideators, creators, learners and dreamers for nearly three years together. We are publishing our first book from a whitepaper of research we did on Purpose (and intentionally.) We are advancing the dialogue about how business succeeds when humans are authentically central in decision-making (e.g. no layoffs.)

Weddings remind those of us who are married about the specialness of our union. They create hopefulness and joy for the reason for the celebration, for what can now be. They create mindful moments of witness, toasts, and new memories.

Kori immerses herself in every moment and this was no different. I’m so thankful to be working with her, learning from her and loved that we could join in this union of friends who love one another.

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