2015’s Most Memorable Moments

Lou Schuller via LA Fitness – his & hers weight training (continued from 2014)
Omaha – Steph biz = friends too
LEAD the difference – selection science beginnings
Palo Alto – Keerat biz

Hawaii Holiday (1st visit)
‘See a friend about a horse’ (and move it to a new home)

The Lemongrass Group – people passionate about public health + community innovation
NYC – Keerat biz

Moved horses to Sultan
Kori & Chris ‘officially’ unite – Los Angeles weekend
London, Norwich England – Brother-in-Law, Bikram grad school for writing

Portugal y Spain – El Camino de Santiago with Uppi & CK
Quercetin + L-Glutmine + Probiotic miracle cure for gut health
Birthday lunch with Roam Consulting – fine food, new friends including equine teachers

Vegas – Keerat biz
Dhann learns groundwork and how to carry a human
Innovation Design with Blue Earth Network for Pinchot University
Kim from Cleveland – she rocks
Lewis learns dressage fundamentals (now maybe he can teach me)
Palo Alto – Keerat Biz
Pinchot game-changers meets my Strategy in Biz and teaches me a thing or two too

Independence Day BBQ at Raven Ranch
San Fran – Keerat Biz
Macklemore helps Amazon celebrate 20 years at Century Link

Cuba – Steph Pinchot Faculty for People to People
Chile – Keerat Biz (this is becoming a year of Espanol refresher trips)
Imran unites with Shaheena, New Brunswick (why not see Keerat’s first college houses in the US?!)
Edmonds becomes our new address

Scotland – Keerat Biz
Salt Lake – Steph Biz…..Millennials, Purpose-based Leadership
Thank you Lynnwood for an easy place to plug into the Sound
Marie Kondo enlightens us with The Life Changing Joy of Tidying Up
Allergy testing at mid-life – none for me (intolerances however…. yes)

NYC – Keerat Biz
Moving home required moving caballos – not all pastures are created equal (2 more moves will follow)
Omaha & Iowa for holiday – friends, family, land check-in
NYC – Keerat Biz
Let the wellness begin – Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic

Our 10th Anniversary

Albuquerque – Shirley & Skiing
Christmas in Gordondo via Boutique air into the Nebraska Panhandle
Nephew Riley reminds us of the energy and curiosity of our youth
Our 5th year in Seattle. Guess we’ll stay another 5.

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