Day 1: My New Relationship With Carbs

Today I had only fruit and vegetable derived carbohydrates. Yesterday I had mostly only fruit and vegetable derived carbs. I’m certain I eat too may ‘bad’ carbs.

I can’t remember a time when I haven’t had an unhealthy relationship with carbs. Even after becoming gluten (15 years ago) and soy (5 years ago) intolerant, I have only replaced what I used to eat with new starchy, sugary inventions by our consumer-based food marketplace. I absolutely do crave grains, potatoes and breads. I would not have admitted it however. I eat reasonable amounts, I manage moderation and am only about 5 pounds over-weight. I never eat more than about 10 potato chips to accompany my tuna salad or 14 corn chips to make my aged cheddar nachos, or 1 slice of my ancient grains gluten free bread with sunflower butter. As part of my intolerances, I have come to justify gluten free carb-heavy happiness! French fries are at the top of that list. (With an abnormally low cholesterol level to add some reinforcement.)

As with any food we enjoy with ‘staple’ consumption, we tend to realize our addiction only when we consider not having it. I have been caffeine free for 3 out of the 5 years we have lived in Seattle and regularly take chunks of time out from regular alcohol consumption. These things compare as easy relative to my cutting out the non-fruit/veg carbs. File_004

My husband heard Dr. Ludwig speak on a podcast and so I read his book: ‘Always Hungry‘. Today, we started his plan – an eating reset. Not a diet in my take as you adjust to what works for your body. Forever. Your intent is to manage sugars, stave off diabetes if that is of concern, and achieve what is a normal weight for you. By design you allow fat cells to do what they were intended to. Not find refuge in your body. This isn’t Adkins or SouthBeach and he speaks to the similarities and differences.

The first two weeks of the Ludwig Food Reset: 50% fat, 25% protein and 25% carbs, daily. No sugar. (With the exception of a small amount of 70% or higher dark chocolate.) No alcohol. No grains. No high starch vegetables. We are retraining our fat cells to do what they are supposed to do. File_002File_003

Tonight we had an eggplant parmesan lasagne with chicken, fresh basil and zucchini. I substituted chicken for soy and romano for ricotta. Strawberries for me for dessert and grapes for my husband. Lots of water today and a cup of tea and a cup of decaf.


It was a bit of a challenge for me today. Day 1 is done. I am ready for a good nights sleep. I  know the next 13 days will be a reset that won’t hurt anything and certainly will help me be a more conscious and balanced eater without my ‘staple’. I expect I’ll confirm a ‘zone’ of dependency that I thought was comfortable but it reality is was anything but.



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