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Whom Do You Seek?

No one is going to grant you permission. Or tell you you are ready. No one is going to tell you exactly what you can do to provide value. Or how to live a meaningful life. No one is going to demand that you passionately pursue your life’s work. No one is going to define your life’s work. No one is going to outline for you the thing or many things that you do as well or better than others. No one is going to get you a job. No one is going to fix the pain caused you.

Many people are going to help you. Many people are going to encourage you and support your ideas. They are going to laugh with you. They are going to agree with you when you are passionately expressing yourself. Many people are going to go along with you when you offer an idea or suggest an option.

A few are going to stand loyally beside you as you pave your circuitous path in life. A few are going to tell you when your idea is half-baked and tell you to work on it a bit longer. They will tell you ‘not yet.’ A few are going challenge your ideas which will help you to formulate them into better ones. A few are going to oppose you which will either cause you to pause or provide you the validation you need to be more convicted. A few are going to hurt you. Bad. Which will create some pain, fear, also courage and the ability to relate to others that a few have hurt. A few are going to love you more than you can imagine or that you knew you would experience which will make you uncomfortable, happy, and vulnerable. A few help you to define you. They help you stand out. A few help you find meaningful work.


Stop expecting no one to arrive. To offer anything. You don’t have time to wait for no one. It may appear to many people and a few that you might be holding out for no one. That you are unavailable.        No one is impossible for you to be with.

Make a list of many people. Create a circle of many people. Thank them and communicate regularly with them. They are your friends. Many people are also most like you. They sing ‘kum ba yah’ with you. They feed your ego.       Many people are the most easy for you to be with.

Embrace a few. Some literally and some not literally, but know them. Know clearly their perspectives from their perspective. Embrace them as those that are catalysts to your difference. They help you reconcile needs of others and you. A few are too busy, focused on others and inaccessible.       A few are the most difficult for you to be with.

Tomorrow who will you choose:  Impossible to be with? Easy to be with? or The most difficult to be with? How about each day after that? How many days, hours or moments might you have where you choose to be with a few?

How might the days you spend with a few affect your ability to influence your life and the value you can create for the world around you?