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2016 Goals in Living this Life

Almost every year, I set resolutions. Or goals as I like to call them. It has been a productive and rewarding exercise for me for many years. The plethora of data about how written goals are realized, has been proven many times over in my experience.

Goals discussed with a close friend or in this case my life partner, are even more likely to be realized. Thankful that my partner Keerat was the initiator and the activator of goal setting. He decided to post his publicly. After a week of thought, I concur that this could be a valuable exercise. Since all goals have a range of completion or achievement, this might yield greater accomplishment.

  1. Launch a non-profit focused on human capital value. Build value through that organization – contracts, consulting, courses.
  2. Solidify LEAD the diff. Confirm marketplace demand for physician leadership. Viable business revenue for my business partner and I.
  3. Re-launch my mother’s salsa – Sandhills Salsa, through the food program at the sustainability school where I am adjunct faculty.
  4. Learn Western Dressage and initiate a program to take Mr. Lewis (pictured) into practice. Determine how to show nationally in 2017.
  5. Pick up the guitar again, learn 3 songs.
  6. Learn to play harmonica.
  7. Count calories daily.Weight-lifting with Keerat 3d/w.. Run 3d/w. Lose 7 lbs by Feb 15.
  8. Continue yoga practice every day. Practice meditation with yoga 3 days/w.