A More Informed Voter

With every election in the state of Washington, each registered voter receives a booklet (see pic) outlining all of the candidates, bills and any other info specific to that election. I have been a registered voter in five states across the many years since I turned 18: Nebraska, Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa, and Washington. I was even able to submit an absentee ballot during the historic ‘hanging chad’ election of 2000. Only in Iowa did a comparative support accompany your ballot. While the internet research was an option used, it was difficult to navigate an unbiased source for bills and candidates, in any of these states.

In the very Democrat state of Washington, you receive detailed information about each candidate and a pro/con statement about every bill.

While the best voters do not rely solely on this booklet and actually meet and talk to each candidate running for office, I feel like this information fosters a more informed voter. I feel less tied to ‘D’ or ‘R’ and more interested in connecting to position, commitments (I know, these can be lies), and technical information like years in office.

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