Sitting in red Husk-ER clothes amidst 8,000+ Husk-Y fans this past Friday night was an amazing experience of talent, resilience, and intense athleticism! (…as well as a highlight of our year, selfishly). After losing to a team ranked 11 points below in a home court advantage sealed by a 34 win streak, the Huskies and their fans were stunned and quiet at the outcome. Our Lady Huskers brought everything they had. The following night BYU would demonstrate their un-ranked talent in a new sort of winning way. To them the floor did not exist as the ball rarely hit it.

Attending Husker volleyball games at the Coliseum was a highlight of my undergraduate college experience over two decades ago.  (A different kind of great in comparison to its neighbor, Memorial Stadium (football).)

I am thankful I played the sport in high school (even if my spikes were barely over the net let alone laser driven into the opposing front line!) In the past few years I have come to understand the importance of sports for girls from an early age. It builds leadership. It build confidence, courage, the experience of losing, the experience of feedback, team and communication in high pressure situations.

It was a highlight to cheer for #10 Alisha Ostrander. She is from the small towns (consolidation) where I grew up in Western Nebraska. She is also a cousin. As with all of the team, they were intently focused, gracious and very team oriented in support.

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